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Patient Education: Stryker Navigation

Stryker Navigation

General Computer Assisted Surgery (Navigation)

Advanced computer-assisted surgical monitoring with the Stryker Navigation System helps your surgeon more precisely align your hip or knee implant with computer imaging. The Stryker Navigation System gives your surgeon 3-D imaging of your leg during surgery which may result in more exact placement of the implants.

A Giant Step Forward in Joint Replacement

We consider computer-assisted surgery a giant step forward in joint replacement. As you read through this information, you’ll learn more about how computer-assisted surgery works.

While the medical and computer science behind the Stryker Navigation System is extremely complex, the system is relatively easy for your surgeon to use. Minimally invasive wireless “trackers” send data pertaining to your joint movement to the system’s computer. This data is translated into real-time images that provide the surgeon with a comprehensive understanding of the joint mechanics before any bone is cut. It presents your surgeon with multiple views of the anatomy and allows the review of your leg’s range of motion with the implant installed in its final position. Armed with this information, the surgeon can make intra-operative adjustments within a fraction of a degree, helping to ensure the best outcome. The system can also provide post-operative outcome data.

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement

Precise Alignment Critical to TKR

As with any moving part, alignment is key to smooth movement and long-term wear, just as wheel alignment affects the life of automobile tires. This is also the case with knee replacement. For years, surgeons have used X-rays, specialized instrumentation, operative technique, and experience to ensure a tight fit and proper alignment of the knee implant to the hip joint.

And these have served surgeons and their patients well. It is now understood that to obtain the best possible outcomes in TKR, accuracy to within 1 to 2 degrees and 1 to 2 millimeters is extremely important. The Stryker Knee Navigation System was designed to assist the surgeon in achieving this degree of precision routinely and consistently.

Stryker Knee Navigation System - Product Information

Smart System

The Stryker® Knee Navigation System is built on a solid foundation of over 6 years of development, testing and research.

This revolutionary new system:

  • Guides accurate cuts within a fraction of a degree
  • Provides real time visualization of:
    • Varus/Valgus
    • Internal/External Rotation
    • Flexion/Extension
    • Evaluates functional performance of the components
    • Ensures accurate implant positioning
    • Records patient data and results

Smart Instruments

At the heart of the Stryker Navigation System is the unique two-way communication between the computer and the instruments. Navigation provides multiple benefits in the operating room:

  • Flexibility of OR set up with the largest field of view
  • Accessibility of functions while in the operating field
  • Reliability with autoclaveable smart instrumentation
  • Durability with orthopedic specific instrumentation